iPhone style Link Directory Generator

After seeing Joe Hewitt’s brilliant library “iUI” on Thursday, I started thinking to make something with it.

iUI, is a library which helps you to make iPhone web application. As the author says, it has been improved from the former version (“iphonenav”) and its demo-s looks really nice and slick.


It may be helpful if there are a service which convert existing something into the page using iUI library. Then anyone can try iUI without writing HTML.

Input format should include some contents with tree structure. I came to the idea what opml format is good as a url list. Although it may not be made for link list/directory, many feed readers are using it for that purpose.

So here it is, (only iPhone or Firefox2.0)

iPhone style Link Directory Generator

This service accepts an opml file URL, and makes link directory from it.

Actually, I do not have an iPhone. Some of my friends purchased it (in Japan! they cannot use it as a phone…) but I myself never seen it. So I only checked it on Firefox2.0. It seems okay so I hope it works on real iPhone, too. IE and Opera on Windows box could not give me proper display.


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