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September 11, 2009

A Clever way to scale-out a web application (YAPC::Asia 2009 Presentation)

For couple of months I have been writing middlewares for database shards, and today I made a presentation covering them.  It includes the following.

  • Incline - a trigger and queue based distributed materialized view manager
  • Pacific - a set of perl scripts to manage MySQL shards, a MySQL shard can be split into two in less than 10 seconds of write blocking (and no read blocks)
  • DBIx::ShardManager - a client API for accessing database shards using Incline and Pacific

With these middlewares I think it is no more difficult to write web applications that runs on database shards.  In fact IMHO it is as easy as writing a webapp that runs on a standalone database.

The presentation slides are available from slideshare.  If you have any question or suggestions, please leave a comment.  Thank you.


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Very useful info.
Thanks for the slides!

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