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June 29, 2010

Q4M 0.9.4 released

I have just uploaded Q4M (Queue for MySQL) 0.9.4 to q4m.31tools.com.  There has been no bug fixes since 0.9.3, the only change is the newly added function queue_compact(table_name) that can be used to trigger table compaction manually.

If you were looking for a way to control queue compaction timing, it would be worth considering upgrading to 0.9.4.

For more information of what compaction is, please refer to my last entry on Q4M describing concurrent compaction.


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I am trying to install Q4M on a CentOS 5.5 server on which i installed MySQL 5.5.
I have downloaded the binary tarball from Q4M website and followed the instruction for the installation.
- I copied q4m-forward file in /usr/bin/ directory which is the directory where mysql resides.
- I copied libqueue_engine.so file in /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ and changed the access rights to 755 to do the same as the other libraries in this directory.

Now when i run:
mysql -u root -p -f mysql < support-files/install.sql
I have the following error for each line in install.sql script:

ERROR 1126 (HY000) at line 1: Can't open shared library '/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/libqueue_engine.so' (errno: 2 undefined symbol: _ZN7handler26get_dynamic_partition_infoEP14PARTITION_INFOj)

Still the library is in the right directory.

Do you know where i did wrong?
Do you know how could i fix this issue?

Thanks and regards,


If I wanted to listen to your queue from another app server, is that possible ? I wanted to create a XML for each row insert and push it into a queue. From another APP Server(JBoss SOA)I need to consume the queue. Let me know your thoughts.

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