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July 02, 2010

Writing a Fast and Secure HTTP Parser (in the case of HTTP::Parser::XS)

In May, I had a chance to give a talk at Tsukuba.xs Beer Talks #1.  I forgot to upload the slide since then, but finally, here it comes :-p

The slide titled "HTTP::Parser::XS - writing a fast & secure XS module" covers the design and implementation of HTTP::Parser::XS: an XS HTTP Parser that is used by a number of Plack-compatible web servers, and picohttpparser: its underlying HTTP parser written in C.

My intention was to introduce to programmers who mostly use Perl the fun of writing tight (fast and beautiful) code using the C programming language.  It would be grateful if you could feel some of my addiction from the slides.  Enjoy!

PS. And if you find any security holes or bugs, please let me know. Thank you in advance.


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