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October 27, 2010

Announce: The Transfer of Mylingual.net

Thank you for using Mylingual.net, an automatic, user-based translation (localization) service of web-based application UI.  As of Oct. 29 2010, the service will be transferred from Cybozu Labs, Inc. to Kazuho Oku (the developer of the service, it's me).

  • All the translation data (including editing history, etc.) will be transferred.
  • The browser extensions and userscripts will continue to work as it does today.
  • The translators are requested to re-create their account after the transfer.
  • After the transfer, the translators will be requested to log-in to the new system using Twitter but the integration might not be completed as on Oct. 29.
  • After the transfer, announces and discussions will be posted to the website of Mylingual or to my personal weblog: Kazuho's Blog.

I am sorry to bother the users of the service (especially the translators).  Thank you for your cooperation.


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