ppencode buzz at OSCON 2006

オレゴン州ポートランドで開催中の OSCON 2006 (O’Reilly Open Source Convention 2006) 7/26
Perl Lightning Talks のセッションで、拙作の ppencode が紹介されました。

エンターテイナーはもちろんあの "鳳たん" AKA world wide ppencode Evangelist! :-)

Pugs: RHOX slides available!

Oh, and I just discovered I have another lightning talk (ppencode) to give.  Well, at least this one is just five minutes, and I already go the slides ready. :-)


Notes: OSCON 2006

ppencode, by TAKESAKO Yoshinori: Fun, Fun, Fun! It will be a lightning talk, presented by Audrey Tang;

Under The Network: OSCON: Day One part 5

After that came the Perl lightning talks. These are a series of short presentations where individuals talk about interesting hacks or ideas relating to Perl. Audrey kicked it off by showing us a tool called ppencode. If you’re not a Perl hacker it would have been pretty uninteresting, but the audience was roaring with laughter at her obscure jokes about the syntax of dynamic programming languages. Her slides were pretty slick too. Nice animation.

OSCON 2006: Day Three Recap :: canspice.org (2006/08/14 追記)

The last half of the afternoon was taken up by the “Perl Lightning Talks” hosted by Mark-Jason Dominus. As with most lightning talk sessions — which consist of mini talks that last five minutes or so — it was hit or miss. Audrey Tang was a hit, talking about ppencode. She also gave this talk at YAPC::NA, and part of it is on YouTube.

→ OSCONの発表の様子って誰か撮影していないかなぁ。私も見てみたい!

ということで、それまで待てないという奇特な方は  YAPC::NA 2006 Chicago で一部撮影された動画で会場の盛り上がりの様子をお楽しみください。

YAPC::NA 2006 Chicago に行ってきました: blog.bulknews.net

6/26-28 とシカゴの IIT (イリノイ工科大学)で行われた YAPC::NA 2006 に参加してきました。
Lightning Talks では Audrey の ppencode プレゼンが大ウケ。YAPC::Asia の takesako さんのプレゼンが元ですが、もうこのプレゼンをするのは4度目らしい。芸人ネタになってます。


View Audrey’s ppencode talk in YAPC::NA at YouTube